PJM’s Coincident Peak for Summer 2014
Oct 30, 2014

PJM has announced the summer 2014 coincident peaks for PJM RTO as a whole, and individual areas by zone. Overall, weatherized MW for 2014 is situated 955 MW HIGHER than 2013; with AEP, ComEd, and DOM as the highest zones, respectively.

All 5 peak days in 2012 and 2013 fell in July.  In 2014, due to the mild summer, the 5CP days spanned from June to September.

Tuesday, June 17th at 18:00 – 141,402 MW
Wednesday, June 18th at 17:00 – 139,368 MW
Tuesday, July 1st at 18:00 – 139,180 MW
Tuesday, July 22nd at 18:00 – 137,946
Friday, September 5th at 16:00 – 137,955 MW

Although first glance at initial data indicates 2014 as well below previous years, the electric loads are weather normalized to account for the impact of the weather for planning purposes.

PJM’s Coincident Peak (5CP) Data for Summer 2014

YEAR Day 1 (MW) Day 2 (MW) Day 3 (MW) Day 4 (MW) Day 5 (MW)
2014 141,402 139,368 139,180 137,955 137,946
2013 158,953 156,085 154,070 151,439 150,726
2012 156,339 153,647 153,173 149,707 148,896

By anticipating which 5 days will be chosen each year by PJM, businesses can effectively reduce load; lowering their ‘share’ of peak demand and earning capacity cost savings throughout the year.  To understand how it works, read the AUS whitepaper, Cut your Electric Costs by Cutting Your Capacity PLC, or visit our website for more information.

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