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Let us source and secure lower-price gas and electricity contracts that best suit your needs.

Why Pay More If You Don’t Have To?

Pay Less for Electricity and Gas

Our energy procurement staff has several decades of experience helping lower utility costs for our clients.

All our procurement efforts are supervised by a Certified Energy Procurement Professional.

Energy choice is all about options. Without options, you’re not much better off than the old utility monopoly.

Alternative Utility Services understands this and takes it to heart, which is why we’ve cultivated relationships with over 40 licensed electricity and natural gas suppliers across the country.

These relationships mean we can bring multiple suppliers to the table to look at your energy needs, providing you the opportunity to compare offers all in one place.

And it’s not just about price. Having multiple suppliers at our fingertips allows us to offer an array of purchase options and to negotiate the most favorable terms for you. 

Energy contracts can be extremely complicated, and the energy market is highly volatile.  It takes experienced, resourceful and networked energy professionals like Alternative Utility Services to acquire the best rates for electric and gas services.

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Leverage Competition

Competition is the key to driving energy prices down. This is something that we at Alternative Utility Services firmly believe in, and why we utilize multiple tools that are designed to get our suppliers to bid against one another for your energy dollar.

Through the use of blind bids, suppliers are compelled to submit their best offer for your energy or risk losing your business to another supplier.  Reverse auctions place all suppliers in a real-time race to the bottom in which the lowest bidder takes the contract.

The method of competition depends on your location, usage levels, and contract preferences, but you are assured that Alternative Utility Services will make suppliers compete to be your energy supplier.

Why pay more if you can pay less?

If you can pay less for gas and/or electric service without sacrificing quality of the service, why wouldn’t you?

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