The Innovative Solution that Reduces Water Costs and Minimizes Damage for Multifamily Properties:


America’s most powerful cloud-based water management program.

 You are a multifamily property owner or operator…

  • … and are searching for a more effective way to cut back on water usage throughout your building …
  • … and are burnt out from constantly having to deal with higher and higher water and sewer bills
  • … that has tried multiple ‘water-saving’ strategies but still hasn’t found anything that really works
  • … who wants your property to be more profitable, as quickly as possible …
  • … who is finding it harder and harder to reach your operating expense goals
  • … who wants a sensible water-savings solution that doesn’t require any up-front investment or debt.

 We can help

Our WaterWatch program delivers a proven, cutting-edge cloud-based water management solution that identifies leaks, tracks usage trends, and drastically reduces water waste, all while delivering world-class support that helps you achieve extraordinary and lasting financial improvements.

Why pay more for water than you have to?

WaterWatch is one of the most innovative water-savings solutions to come along in a very long time. 


There are water-saving solutions… and then there is WaterWatch.


If you’ve owned or managed an apartment or condominium property for some time, you know that water and sewer costs are a major drain on your profitability.  

Think about all the ways your property consumes water:  Faucets, showers, toilets, irrigation systems, cooling systems, pools, fountains, dishwashers, laundry machines… it all adds up pretty quick, doesn’t it?

The utility expense with the fastest-rising cost for apartment and condominium properties continues to be water. 

In fact, the cost of water in America has gone up an average of more than 55% since 2010.  Even more troubling is for the foreseeable future, water costs are forecasted to continue to rise faster than any other utility.

As a multi-family property owner or operator, the time has come to rethink how much you are paying for water, and adopt a sensible strategy that gives you complete control over how your building consumes water.

One of the easiest ways to control your water costs is to avoid paying for water you don’t use, especially when that water use comes as the result of a leaking irrigation system, or maybe from a stuck cooling tower valve, or from leaky toilets.

But how do you know when and/or where to find those problems when they arise?

This is why WaterWatch was developed.

Complete 24/7 Water Consumption Management

WaterWatch is a complete water consumption management program that leverages our real-time cloud-based water management system which learns about your property’s water consumption patterns.

When the system detects an abnormality in your water usage, you get notified immediately, so you can fix the problem before it gets out of control. 

You can see water consumption data in real-time, 24/7, from your computer, tablet or smartphone, anywhere in the world.

Track Water Usage Data Down to the Minute

When you receive your water bill every 1-2 months, it only tells you how much water was consumed during the entire billing period.

There is no way to track how much water is being consumed weekly, or even daily.

WaterWatch delivers water consumption data down to the day, hour, or even minute, and in real-time.

So you can track usage trends, water running times, spot leaks the instant they occur, and review occupancy data – insights that can help you identify problem areas that are wasting water (and your money) and head off problems before they become too costly.

Zero Maintenance Costs

Whenever you hear ‘new equipment’, you probably immediately think there are going to be expensive costs to both install and upkeep it.

Not with WaterWatch.

There are no costs to install it, maintain it, or support it.  In fact, our professional installers can get our WaterWatch sensors in place throughout your entire building without any plumbing, tools, or wi-fi pairing.

It’s ‘set it and forget it’.  Your only costs are the cloud-based management monitoring.   

This eliminates the need for you to conduct any ongoing maintenance or service – that’s a big headache (and expense) taken off your shoulders.

Watch Your Profits GROW

With WaterWatch, you will see your bottom line improve faster than you ever thought possible.

✅  Reduce the amount of water your property uses

✅  Identify problems and leaks when they happen to minimize potential damage

✅  Real-time analytics deliver minute by minute data for revolutionary management of your water use

✅  Works during a power-outage, and doesn’t require wi-fi

✅  Set it and forget it installation and maintenance

This is easily one of the most sensible and effective ways you can get your water costs under control and grow your profits.

Water and sewer services can come with a lot of options… but paying high prices doesn’t have to be one of them.

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