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Operating a business or facility can get expensive.  To keep costs low, you have to stay on top of all your utility costs.  

And one of the biggest high-cost energy expenses is water. 

 The problem is, most business owners and/or facility managers are simply not aware of all the ways that their water costs can be negatively impacted.  In fact, chances are you are losing money every single day on your water, and you probably don’t even know it.

Today, your water costs will finally get under control.


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Pay for water, not air

Did you know some of the water you are currently paying for every month actually isn’t just water – it’s actually air?

It’s true.  As water flows through the meter, air flows with it – and your meter can’t tell the difference between the two, so you get charged not just for the water going through meter, but also for the air as well. 

This alone could be responsible for as much as 25% of your water costs – money you are wasting every month.

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Get more control

One of the best ways to control water costs is to avoid paying for water you don’t use, especially when that water comes as the result of a leaking irrigation system, or maybe from a stuck cooling tower valve.

The key to minimizing these costly breakdowns is through effective consumption monitoring, with real-time water monitoring systems that learn about your building or facility’s water consumption patterns.  When the system detects an abnormality in your water usage, you get notified immediately  so that you can fix the problem before it gets out of control.

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Optimize and save

Cooling towers account for approximately 30% of a typical building or facility’s total water usage. Keeping them running efficiently is paramount to keeping your water costs in check.

And to keep your cooling towers efficient, minimizing scaling and corrosion is a must.  Anti-scaling and corrosion systems preemptively remove solids that cause corrosion and scale build-up to keep them from entering your cooling tower.

The result?  Not only reduced water use, but also reductions in energy and chemical use as well (hint:  big savings).

New!  The Guaranteed Water Savings Solution

With our Water Savings as a Service program, we will invest in your building or facility with modern water-saving solutions, with zero investment from you.


Alternative Utility Services will invest in qualifying businesses, buildings and facilities by providing a complete water-savings solution – new equipment, complete installation, full support and maintenance – the works – without any up-front investment from you.


Why listen to us?

Because we have been lowering water costs for businesses and facilities across America since 1993


Alternative Utility Services, Inc. is not like other energy companies. 

Not only are we are a market leader in the constantly-evolving energy industry, we also handle large energy-efficiency upgrade projects for businesses and facilities of all shapes, sizes and locations.

We have been solving energy problems for companies and facilities just like yours longer than most other energy companies have been in existence. 

Why pay more for water than you have to?

Water solutions for your business or facility come with a lot of options –

but paying high prices does not have to be one of them.

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