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How we can help you save money on your waste management and recycling expenses

Lower Waste & Recycling Costs

Why Waste Consulting is Good for Your Bottom Line

Chances are your business produces a sizable amount of trash and recyclables, and then use a local waste hauler to remove it on a set schedule.  

But waste haulers are in business to make a profit, and they rarely will ever recommend to you the most efficient or least expensive options for trash removal.  

You need an industry expert on your side who has spent years studying the market, trends, costs and waste management strategies who can reduce your waste and recycling costs. You need AUS Energy’s Waste Consulting team.

AUS Energy has spent nearly 30 years helping businesses, facilities and institutions save money through energy efficiency solutions.  And now, we have leveraged our extensive knowledge to innovate waste management strategies for our clients.

Our waste management solutions could help you save as much as 50% on your waste and recycling costs.

More Cash In Hand

How It Works

Alternative Utility Services will review your current trash and recycling contracts and billing statements.

Then, we’ll identify the fair market rate for the services you are using, then negotiate on your behalf with your trash hauler to ensure they honor that rate (and if they won’t, we’ll find you a new trash hauler who will).

Our proprietary software then monitors your bills 24/7 to ensure your waste hauler continues to honor your new lower rate every month.

And the whole process begins with a no-cost, no-obligation analysis.

Yes, You Can

Can You REALLY Save Money on Your Waste and Recycling?

Many business owners believe that the cost of waste disposal is a ‘fixed utility’ that they have absolutely no control over.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s not uncommon for AUS Energy’s Waste Consulting team to deliver our clients savings of up to 50% (or higher) on their waste & recycling costs.

If you’re ready for affordable, sustainable and proven waste management solutions, we have five unique programs that are sure to fit your situation:

  • Waste Brokering: We will help you secure a comprehensive contract to help you manage your business’ solid waste, including plastic, metal, cardboard, municipal solids, paper, plastic, textiles and wood.
  • Waste Consulting: One of the last things you have time for in your schedule is to sort through your trash and recycling billing statements to identify savings opportunities.  Our expert team gets you the results you want.
  • Compactor & Baler Repair:  Most repair companies will take as much as 72 hours (or more) to get to your site.  AUS Energy’s nationwide network of experienced service technicians can be on-site making repairs within 24 hours (and our technicians don’t just arrive faster – they are specialists in compactor repair and show up with the right tools, parts, and expertise for every make and model to can get you up and running again quickly).
  • Intelligent Waste Monitoring:  How much did you spend last year on hazardous waste disposal?  Recycling?  How much did you spend with each vendor?  Our waste software program allows you to audit invoices, monitor your dumpsters remotely, create RFPs, and more.
  • Dumpster Monitoring:  Cameras and sensor systems let you monitor your dumpsters in real time, so you’ll know exactly when trash pickup occurs (down to the minute), the moment a dumpster becomes full, if anyone is illegally dumping their waste into your dumpster, and whether your hauling service frequency is too much or too little.

Waste Consulting clients can see savings as high as 50% on their waste and recycling bills


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