Utility Management

An effective utility management strategy unlocks lowers energy costs while improving performance, occupant comfort, and bottom-line profits.

Do you know if you are wasting money on energy?

Are you SURE?

Keeping all your utility costs under control can be worth a lot to your bottom line, but staying on top of it is a full time job.

That’s why we offer a suite of utility management services that helps take stock of how you currently use energy, while providing the tools and expertise necessary to get the lowest price possible for your electricity, natural gas, and water needs.

Energy Procurement

Let’s face it – whether you’re in business, industry, or government, you need energy.

So who do you trust to ensure that you receive these important commodities at the most competitive price?  The answer is an experienced energy procurement expert. 

Energy and Utility Bill Audits

Believe it or not, utility companies make billing mistakes.  And when it happens, it could cost you thousands of dollars (or even more).

The good news is that utility billing errors can be found, and you can be reimbursed for those errors – often times for

Water and Sewer Management

Managing your water is not just about using low-flow faucets or turning all the sprinklers off.

To truly optimize your water and sewer spend, you need to ensure only water is flowing through your meter, and that you’re only paying for the water you are actually using.

Either You Manage Your Energy,

or It Will Manage YOU

Alternative Utility Services has been helping our clients navigate electricity and natural gas procurement since the birth of energy deregulation during the 1990s.

We’ve watched markets boom and bust through growth and recession, and have learned how to spot the most optimal times to make your energy purchases. Our intimate knowledge energy efficiency means we know how to maximize your energy savings.

And it doesn’t stop when you sign a contract. We remain on the lookout for your next energy buying opportunity, whether that is the next week or the next year, so you always stay ahead of the market.


What you need is someone that has decades of experience monitoring the electricity and natural gas markets, relationships with dozens of suppliers across the country, tools that compel suppliers to compete for your business, and an experienced staff who are responsive to your needs and goals.

What you need is someone like Alternative Utility Services.

Talk with an Expert

Great energy efficiency results start with great conversations.

Connect with our expert energy team to learn how our suite of Utility Management Services can benefit your organization with lower energy costs.


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