Energy Procurement

Energy is the lifeblood of the 21st century. Whether you’re in business, industry, or government you need energy. So who do you trust to ensure that you receive these important commodities at the most competitive price? The utility? Your supplier? The guy down the street?

What you need is someone that has decades of experience monitoring the electricity and natural gas markets, relationships with dozens of suppliers across the country, tools that compel suppliers to compete for your business, and a staff that is responsive to your needs and goals; someone like Alternative Utility Services.

Alternative Utility Services: Energy Procurement Market Experience

Market Experience

Alternative Utility Services (AUS) has been helping our clients navigate electricity and natural gas procurement since the birth of energy deregulation during the 1990s. We’ve watched markets boom and bust through growth and recession and have learned how to spot the most optimal times to make your energy purchases. This knowledge allows our customers to maximize their savings on energy costs, and it doesn’t stop when you sign a contract. We remain on the lookout for your next buying opportunity, whether that is the next week or the next year, so that you can always stay ahead of the market.

AUS Energy Procurement Supplier Options

Supplier Options

Energy choice is all about options. Without options you’re not much better off than the old utility monopoly. AUS understands this and takes it to heart, which is why we’ve cultivated relationships with over 40 licensed electricity and natural gas suppliers across the country. These relationships mean that we can bring multiple suppliers to the table to look at your energy needs, providing you the opportunity to compare offers all in one place. And it’s not just about price. Having multiple suppliers at our fingertips allows us to offer an array of purchase options and to negotiate the most favorable contract terms for you.

AUS Energy Procurement Creating Competition

Creating Competition

Competition is the key to driving energy prices down. This is something that we at AUS firmly believe in, and that is why we utilize multiple tools that are designed to get our suppliers to bid against one another for your energy dollar. Through the use of blind bids, suppliers are compelled to submit their best offer for your energy or risk losing your business to another supplier. Reverse auctions place all suppliers in a real-time race to the bottom in which the lowest bidder takes the contract. The method of competition depends on your location, usage levels, and contract preferences, but you can be assured that AUS will make suppliers compete to be your energy supplier.

AUS Energy Procurement Energy Professional

Energy Professionals

When you work with AUS for your energy procurement needs, you gain access to a staff of professionals that are both knowledgeable and responsive.  Our staff members have decades of experience working in the energy procurement industry and our procurement is supervised by a Certified Energy Procurement Professional. We will help guide you throughout the procurement process, first by getting to understand your energy goals and then by putting you on a path to achieve them. From data collection to pricing to contracting, you will always find an AUS representative available via email or over the phone to answer your questions. Energy procurement may not always be on your mind, but when it is you should have someone like AUS at your service.