Energy Audits

Is your facility wasting energy? Do you know? Well if you haven’t had an energy audit conducted recently, then you probably don’t know for sure. Energy has a nasty habit of finding ways to escape your facility through your building envelope, costly chillers and boilers that keep costing more in energy and maintenance every year and inefficient lighting. These problems only get worse over time. Alternative Utility Services (AUS) provides energy audits conducted by licensed professionals that will not only help you discover what’s happening to your expensive energy, but they will also provide you personally tailored energy solutions to address energy efficiency and building envelope issues. Many solutions are available with no investment and others are paid for by utility rebates, and all of our solutions are designed to save you money, but it all starts with an energy audit of your facility.

Utility Bill Audits

Believe it or not, utility companies make billing mistakes. Sometimes your meter gets read incorrectly or a data entry error is made or they simply charge you at the wrong rate. And when it happens, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The good news is that utility billing errors can be found, and you can be reimbursed for them, often times for up to two years. Drawing on our two decades plus of experience of working with utilities, Alternative Utility Services (AUS) was become quite adept at understanding utility bills and finding errors, and we can leverage this knowledge for your facilities benefit through a utility bill audit. With an AUS utility bill audit, we will review your utility bills, identify any errors, and work with the utility toward a resolution. Best of all, you only pay when we find a recoverable error, so what have you got to lose?

Rate & Tariff Analysis

One of the best ways to ensure your facility’s energy costs stay in check is to make sure your utility accounts are placed on the optimal utility rate and tariff schedule. Utilities are good at delivering energy, but they don’t always do it in the most optimal way. Alternative Utility Services (AUS) can pick up the slack however though a rate and tariff analysis. We will review your facilities utility account rate classifications and reconcile them with alternative classifications you qualify for. If we find you a better rate classification, we will work with the utility to get your accounts changed and recover any losses that your facilities may have incurred. We provide this service through a shared savings arrangement, so we only get paid when we save you money.