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Telecommunication and network services are a top 3 expense for most businesses. And with new technological advances being made every day in the industry, coupled with the pressure to keep your business systems up-to-date, costs are sure to stay high for the foreseeable future.

Alternative Utility Services knows that anything you can do to manage costs in this area has the potential to provide massive savings for your business, which is why we are here to help you navigate the confusing waters of telecom and network service providers.

Diversified Options

Our Telecom Services

Carrier Options

As in energy procurement, the key to getting the best prices for telecom and network services is through options.

That’s why Alternative Utility Services has worked to establish relationships with over 70 telecom carriers nationwide, including several of the largest.

Through our relationships we are able to give you diverse options for your phone, internet, data, and networking needs, all in one place.

No more “one size fits all” solutions or hours wasted comparing a few limited options. With multiple carriers focused on you, you hold the negotiating power; ensuring that you get the telecom solutions that best meet your business goals and budget.

Fostering Competition

Getting the lowest price for telecom and data services is all about competition.  So at Alternative Utility Services, we leverage our telecom carriers against one another to provide you with a variety of solution options while driving down the cost of providing those services to you.

We compel our carriers to bid against one another using a blind bid process. The carriers provide you with their best price, or they risk losing your business to a rival carrier.

And with our level of access to the largest nationwide carriers, you can be assured that your organization will see a robust level of competition for your business, resulting in the lowest possible price for your telecom and network services.


Solutions for Every Business

No matter if you’re a large business with multiple locations nationwide or you just have a single phone in an office in Keokuk, Iowa – Alternative Utility Services likely has the right telecom solution for you.

Our diversity of carriers and options provides a great advantage to small and large businesses that see their telecom and networking needs continually evolving.

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