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Safe, healthy indoor air that is filterless, energy efficient, easy to install and free of harmful byproducts

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Get Medical-Grade Purified Air Inside Your Home


We are now living in a COVID world.  It has impacted every facet of our lives:  How we work, shop, learn and live have all been altered in substantial – and likely permanent – ways. 

And while a lot has been discussed about the immediate pandemic-related challenges facing businesses, schools and institutions, the COVID pandemic’s impact doesn’t just stop in those public locations – COVID can also be spread in the air inside your home.

Onsite Utility Services Capital’s Clean Home Air solution has solved this urgent problem by providing individuals and families a sensible way to have superior safe, healthy and purified air inside their homes. 

Clean Home Air neutralizes:

Using bipolar ionization technology, Clean Home Air replicates nature’s process for cleaning the air by producing an equal amount of positive and negative oxygen ions, which then removes odors, particulates, viruses, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds from your home’s indoor air without any harmful byproducts, all at a very affordable price.

Turnkey Solution

Everything is included in one single, compact  solution – there are no complicated parts or accessories

Kills Viruses

Proven effective to kill at least 99% of airborne viruses, pathogens and bacteria in your home’s air

Flexibly Affordable

Convienent and easy purchasing options are available for every budget situation

Cleaner, Safer Air

The air inside your home is made cleaner, healthier and safer for you and your family

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A Smart, Sensible and Affordable Way to get Cleaner, Safer Air in Your Home


Air Purification via Ionization

Using an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of + and – ions, our Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) solution puts these ions into your air stream, where they attach to particles, pathogens and gas molecules, robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen, which cleans the air.

Best of all, it’s ozone-free, so it’s safe for use in any home.

Cleaner home air has never been more powerful.



Silent and Invisible

Clean Home Air does not use any loud fans; in fact, it is completely silent as it operates and purifies your home’s air.

Plus, it is virtually invisible when installed with your existing home’s heating/ventilation equipment. 

Cleaner home air has never been more effective.


Simple & Easy Installation

The Clean Home Air solution has a compact design that allows for easy installation in your home’s furnace or air conditioning unit. 

Additionally, there is no maintenance required:  The Clean Home Air solution has no replacement parts you need to worry about, and you don’t have to ‘change filters’ either.

Cleaner home air has never been more sensible.


Easy to Afford

Through our Clean Home Air turnkey solution, you get the clean and pure indoor home air you want, but at an affordable cost through our flexible purchase options. 

And, best of all, Clean Home Air consumes less energy than nearly every other air filtration solution on the market. 

Cleaner indoor air has never been smarter.

Clean Home Air may be a good fit for your home if:

You want a simple yet effective way to provide healthy indoor air for yourself and your family

You have been putting off any kind of home purification solution simply because it has ‘not been in your budget’

You want clean indoor air but without the hassle of buying filters or replacing parts 

You want to provide a safe environment for yourself and your family and protect them from the new COVID reality

Why Listen to Us?

Because we have been providing energy solutions  across America since 1993

Onsite Utility Services Capital is not like any other ‘clean air’ company.

We are a market leader with deep experience handling everything from large energy-efficiency upgrade projects to basic utility services for customers all across America.

With a leadership team that brings several decades of clean air and energy efficiency experience to the table, you can be assured you are in the best hands in the industry.

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