AUSaffinity Program

Affinity is defined as “...a feeling of closeness and understanding that someone has for another person because of their similar qualities, ideas or interests.” It is that mutual understanding or concept that first brought your members together. And it is our Affinity Partner Program that will help keep them united - through mutually desirable benefits.

AUSaffinity Partnerships

And for those interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions, we offer customized plans that provide further savings on business and/or residential expenses.

Questions & Answers

Why work with Alternative Utility Services?+answer
Experience: In the energy industry since 1993 with a Certified Energy Procurement Specialist on staff, AUS has the knowledge and understanding necessary to help your association navigate through the complex energy industry, to provide the best possible benefits to your members.

Back Office: AUS’s centrally located, fully staffed back-office support team is qualified to handle any inquiry or request that you and your members may have – so you can focus on furthering the goals and vision of your association.

Nationwide Presence: AUS operates and holds licenses in every actively deregulated state, so we can offer savings and solutions to your members wherever they may be.
How does the AUSaffinity program work?+answer
Our established relationships with suppliers gives us the credibility to negotiate for energy savings on your behalf, allowing you to bypass the low-level, highly compensated sales people you would otherwise encounter. And because we work directly with the suppliers, you save time and money – savings that are passed through to your members.
What are the benefits of this program?+answer
Partner with AUS to generate non-dues revenue that can be used to enrich current services or promote the development of new initiatives.

To make the process as easy as possible, we’ll set up a mini-site specific to your group, with information about your association and its partnership with AUS, along with easy access links for energy savings with reduced energy bills, and other options.
What suppliers does AUS work with?+answer
AUS has over 40 supplier relationships nationwide. We customize programs for each association; subject to size, location and type of members. And most importantly, we work for you – the association – and not the supplier. Because we operate without a predisposed bias towards any particular supplier, AUS is able to shop openly and obtain optimal savings for your association.

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