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Whether you’re looking for long-term energy savings, improved efficiency, or renewable energy, our energy services will help you achieve your goals.

Energy Efficiency Done Smart

Saving Money on Energy has Never Been Easier

Alternative Utility Services provides energy improvements and management for your facility that maximize savings while minimizing the impact on your budget.

Our comprehensive matrix of energy services have a long track record of delivering fantastic energy savings for companies and facilities just like yours.

And, with our Energy Savings as a Service program, you can obtain any (or even all) of our energy services, without having to pay out-of-pocket for anything — the equipment, the installation, or even the maintenance — everything.  You get the energy solution you want, with zero debt and zero capex – just savings from day one.

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Our Energy Solutions

Energy as a Service

Upgrade your entire building, school, facility or institution with new energy-efficiency solutions, without using any of your own capital or incurring any additional debt.

Variable Freq. Drives

It’s a sad fact, but most of your facility’s motorized electrical equipment is likely using way too much power than it needs. But fortunately, there is a simple and easy solution to fix it.


Annually, commercial and industrial facilities use as much as 30% of their electricity just for lighting alone.  Upgrading your lighting is a great way to quickly lower your costs.

Capacity Mangement

Have you ever wondered who pays to keep the electricity grid reliable and ready to go whenever you need it?

The answer is, through a charge known as capacity.


What if told you that you could heat AND cool your whole building, school or facility using nothing more than just the earth under your feet?  Well that isn’t science fiction:  It’s actually called Geothermal energy.


One of the best ways to reduce your energy costs, especially in the long term, is to generate your own electricity.

Sound difficult?  It’s actually much easier than you think.


Efficient energy use is a cornerstone of energy cost control.  For buildings and facilities with intensive energy use, it’s hard to beat the efficiency offered by cogeneration systems.

Water Conservation

Water has increasingly become a significant operating expense for many buildings, and every indication is that it will only get more expensive in the years ahead.

Energy Management

Energy management systems sensors and computer technology to optimize your facility’s energy use.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your facility had the ability to learn?

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