Variable Frequency Drives

It’s a sad fact, but most of your facility’s motorized electrical equipment uses way too much power. Whether its escalators, ventilation fans, or elevators, electric motors only know one speed and that is full power. And unfortunately, you pay the price for this through higher electricity bills and increased equipment wear and tear. The good news though is this equipment does not need all this power to function optimally and there is a solution you can turn to that will reduce your energy use and save you money: variable frequency drives (VFD).

Electric Cost

Variable Frequency Drives, otherwise known as VFDs, variable speed drives, or adjustable speed drives, are simply devices that can be connected to the motor of a given piece of equipment that will match the speed of the motor to the optimal electric load requirement of the equipment. This can reduce your facility’s electricity use by as much as 70%. Additionally, because a VFD will cause your equipment motors to not run as hard, your equipment’s life will be extended and you will see a reduction in the amount of maintenance required on your equipment, providing additional savings.

VFDs: As a Service

And taking advantage of the savings a variable frequency drive offers doesn’t have to be difficult. Alternative Utility Services (AUS), through our VFDs: As a Service allows your facility to implement these devices with no capital investment. You can use your capital for your business and keep your balance sheet clean while AUS handles the installation and maintenance of your VFDs and together we share in the energy savings you receive.