One of the best ways to reduce your energy costs, especially in the long term, is to begin generating your own electricity. And the most popular and easiest way to do this is through solar photovoltaic panels. Solar photovoltaic panels convert the suns light into electricity which is delivered right to your facility and Alternative Utility Services (AUS) can help your facility take advantage of this amazing and cost effective technology.

Getting Solar for Your Facility

Going solar doesn’t have to break the bank. Alternative Utility Services (AUS) offers several options for you to get solar including through a no-investment Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), lease terms, and outright purchase.

Solar: As a Service with Alternative Utility Services

Solar: As a Service

Through our no-investment, Solar: As a Service solution, your facility can receive the solar electricity generated by simply purchasing the power at a discount through a PPA. AUS will cover the costs for designing, installing, and maintaining a solar photovoltaic array at your facility. PPA’s typically last between 15 and 20 years and many can provide long term savings of over 30% against the utilities cost of electricity.

Lease an Array with Alternative Utility Services

Lease an Array

Your facility may also choose to lease a solar photovoltaic array. Leases are ideal if you prefer to own the system, but need time to capitalize the full purchase or require a third party, such as AUS, to monetize available tax credits to get the lowest price possible for the system. Leases usually last at least 7 years, but may be longer if need be.

Purchase Solar with Alternative Utility Services

Purchase Solar

Solar photovoltaic systems can also be purchased outright. This can be effective if your business has a large amount of federal tax liability you would like to offset.

Regardless of how your facility chooses to go solar, AUS will be there to help you select the best location for your solar photovoltaic panels, acquire all the necessary permits, take advantage of all available incentives, and get the best price possible for installation.