Lighting Upgrades

For most facilities, lighting is a significant component of their electricity costs. Annually, commercial and industrial facilities use approximately 19% to 30% of their electricity for lighting alone. That makes upgrading your lighting an excellent place to look at to reduce electricity costs. Alternative Utility Services (AUS) can help your facility assess your existing lighting situation, determine the optimal lighting retrofit solution, and provide you with flexible payment options, while also ensuring that you receive the maximum financial benefit from your new lighting.

Lighting Audits

The first step towards realizing energy savings through lighting is the completion of a lighting audit. A lighting audit will analyze your current lighting use, the impact that use has on your electricity bill, and the physical condition of your lighting fixtures. This is done through a combination of data collection and analysis and a site visit from a trained lighting professional. From this audit, we are able to map out potential upgrades to your lighting that are cognizant of your operations, plans, and budget, including consideration of non-lighting solutions like daylight harvesting.

And even if you’ve completed a lighting retrofit in the last few years, you should consider a lighting audit because advances in lighting technology, especially through LED’s, may provide new opportunities to save.

AUS Lighting Upgrade Turn-key Retrofit Process

The Right Retrofit Solution
Upon completion of your lighting audit, Alternative Utility Services (AUS) will present you with options for improving your lighting. Retrofit solutions commonly involve upgrading incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures to more advanced and lower maintenance LED ones. Additionally, solutions can include the incorporation of lighting controls, including motion sensors, and adjustments to light color and intensity based on operational use. AUS also offers each solution with flexible payment options that range from no investment service contracts to full equipment purchases so that every facility can benefit from more efficient lighting.

Shared Savings
Our Lighting: as a Service program allows your facility to receive lighting upgrades with no capital investment. This is especially ideal for small and medium sized businesses with limited capital resources. Under this arrangement AUS will install, own, and operate your facility’s new lighting equipment, and the energy savings from the retrofit will be shared between AUS and your facility. This is commonly known as purchasing negawatts or saved energy.

AUS Lighting Upgrade Turn-key Retrofit Process
AUS Lighting Upgrade Turn-key Retrofit Process

Operating Lease
Lighting upgrades may also be obtained through an operating lease. Leases typically last less than 5 years. Your energy savings will often cover much of the lease expense over the term of the lease.

Outright Purchase
Your facility may also choose to purchase and own the lighting upgrades outright from day one. This option allows your facility to take advantage of available tax incentives which give lighting retrofits relatively short ROI times.

AUS Lighting Upgrade Turn-key Retrofit Process
AUS Lighting Upgrade Turn-key Retrofit Process

Maximizing Your Savings
Working with Alternative Utility Services to upgrade your facility’s lighting will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of savings and the quickest return on your investment. This includes helping you take advantage of available utility rebate programs, federal tax benefits, such as 179D tax reductions, and receiving compensation for your negawatts from Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs).

Our extensive background in energy procurement has also taught us that changes to your lighting will not only impact the amount of electricity you use, but it will also impact many other components that impact your electricity costs including demand charges and your peak load contribution (PLC) number. We quantify these things for your facility allowing you to make the most informed decision possible regarding lighting.