Energy Savings: As a Service

Have you ever wished that your business or organization could receive savings from energy improvements without having to invest large sums of your own capital only to wait years to earn it back? Well, Alternative Utility Service (AUS) has the solution you’ve been looking for: Energy Savings: As a Service.

Our Energy Savings: As a Service solutions provide energy and utility improvements to your facilities with no capital investment on your part. AUS takes care of all the installation and maintenance requirements so that you can focus your time and money on growing your business. You simply share a portion of the savings that you receive from an improvement with AUS. It’s the balance sheet friendly option towards receiving energy savings. Solutions available include energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy systems, back-up generators, and water and sewer improvements.

Lighting: As a Service

Upgrading your facility’s lighting to modern LEDs is an option available to businesses big and small that pay big dividends in energy savings. Investing in lighting upgrades yourself can set you back several thousands of dollars and it will take several years for you to return this investment. Alternative Utility Service’s Lighting: As a Service provides a no investment alternative. We will cover the cost to purchase and install LED lighting at your facility and will maintain the lights throughout their lifespan. You won’t even have to buy lightbulbs. Electricity and maintenance cost savings are shared over a 5 to 15 year period, but your business will have a net positive cash flow from day 1 and throughout the contract.

Emergency Generators: As a Service

Adding an emergency generator to your facility can provide operational insurance and be a great source of additional revenue. But if you’ve ever looked into purchasing one, you know they can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which can take decades to pay back. Our Emergency Generators: As a Service solution dramatically changes this narrative; allowing more facilities the opportunity for back-up power. AUS will install and own an emergency generator at your facility, no cost to you, and will enroll and operate the generator to take advantage of revenue generating opportunities through Regional Transmission Organizations and utilities. Revenue and electricity costs savings are shared for 10 years and after 10 years you will have the opportunity to own the system. AUS can even retrofit existing emergency generators through the Emergency Generators: As a Service solution to ensure that you’re system is in compliance with current environmental regulations.

Water & Sewer Savings: As a Service

Water & Sewer Savings: As a Service allows your facility to upgrade a variety of components of your water and sewer infrastructure with no investment. Valves and anti-scaling controls are just a couple of components that AUS will install and operate at no cost, sharing with you the increased water efficiency these devices provide, which can range from 10 to 30 percent each year.

AUS also encourages performing upgrades on multiple components simultaneously. Not only will upgrading several components at once optimize efficiency and maximize savings, but you will also be able to leverage these savings to receive additional upgrades and services to your water and sewer infrastructure with no investment.

Solar: As a Service

Going green and saving money has never been as easy as it is today. Solar presents one of the best ways to do this for many facilities across the country. And while solar prices have come down significantly over the last few years, installing a system yourself may still cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and most take at least a decade to pay back. AUS helps make solar more attainable through Solar: As a Service. Receiving solar in this manner allows your facility to simply purchase the clean, renewable energy generated by a solar system at a discount from your current electricity rate. AUS will design, install, own, and maintain a solar PV system at your facility from which you purchase the power under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). PPA’s typically last for 20 years and offer savings that start at around 10% and grow to over 30% by their conclusion.

Cogeneration: As a Service

For facilities that rely on significant quantities of thermal energy and electricity, cogeneration systems (also known as CHP or co-gen) offer great potential for increased efficiency and energy savings. Like most electricity generating systems, cogeneration systems tend to be costly and can take several years to return their investment. AUS’s Cogeneration: As a Service allows facilities to bypass this investment and purchase thermal energy and electricity generated from a cogeneration system at a discount through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). PPA’s typically last between 10 and 20 years and AUS handles the installation, operation, and maintenance costs.

Energy Management Systems: As a Service

Energy management systems (EMS) are at the forefront of facility management with their ability to automatically control energy intensive functions and processes in an intelligent manner, resulting in impressive efficiency and cost savings. Sophisticated EMS’s learn how your facility operates and can communicate with utilities to optimize your energy purchases. Intelligence isn’t cheap however and it can take an EMS several months to begin optimizing your energy use. That’s why AUS offers Energy Management Systems: As a Service. Your facility can begin to benefit from the efficiency that they provide with no capital investment required. We take care of the installation and maintenance costs for you and share with you the energy savings that your EMS provides.

Hotel Room Controls: As a Service

Curbing energy waste in guest rooms is a challenge most hotels face. The advent of hotel room control systems, sometimes known as guest room automation systems, has given hotels a tool to address this issue and save money. Through occupancy sensors, hotel managers can turn off several room functions, including lighting, appliances, and thermostats, when guests are not using their rooms. Hotels can receive the benefits of hotel room controls with no capital outlay through AUS’s Hotel Room Controls: As a Service option. AUS will purchase, install, and own the hardware, including sensors and computer systems, as well as system software, and share the energy savings generated with you. It’s an ideal solution to protect your hotel’s balance sheet and improve cash flow.

Ozone Laundry: As A Service

Hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, and prisons all spend an exorbitant of money on operating laundry facilities. From water to natural gas to detergents to employee time it all adds up. One solution to trimming laundry facility costs is to switch to Ozone Landry. Ozone Laundry uses ozone (O3) to clean and disinfect fabrics, which reduces the amount of hot water, detergents, and time needed to launder, while also extending the life of linens and other fabrics. Switching to Ozone Laundry can be costly, so AUS offers Ozone Laundry: As A Service. Through this program, your facility can get an Ozone Laundry system installed at no cost and receive savings starting with the first load.