Energy Management Systems

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your facility had the ability to learn? Your rooms would be able to sense occupancy and automatically adjust the lighting and temperature. Machinery would learn when you use it and for how long and optimize itself. Nonessential equipment could shut itself off when electricity prices peak, saving you thousands of dollars every year. Well this isn’t science fiction anymore. Energy management systems (EMS) or building automation systems (BAS) have made this a possibility and Alternative Utility Services (AUS) can help find the right EMS to meet your facility’s needs.

Energy management systems (EMS) make use of sensors and computer technology toward optimizing a facility’s energy use. An EMS can be relatively simple, involving a sensor that triggers preset settings for heating and cooling, lighting, or appliance operation, or they can be highly sophisticated. More sophisticated EMS’s can actually learn business operations, calibrate actions based on multiple inputs, and communicate directly with utilities to identify optimal times to purchase energy. Sophisticated EMS’s can also greatly improve the execution of demand response and capacity reduction strategies.

Not every business requires a state-of-the-art EMS, and AUS will help assess your facility’s energy profile to determine the most cost effective automation system for you. We provide EMS’s on a no investment basis through our Energy Management Systems: As a Service solution, which allows you to pay for the system through the savings it produces and not out of pocket. Additionally, EMS systems can be purchased outright or financed as a capital improvement for your facility, and AUS will work with your facility to analyze the best option for your situation.

Hotel Room Controls

Hotels present unique challenges for energy management. Guest rooms are occupied on irregular schedules and each guest has their own preferences and energy use pattern. You can’t make your guests practice energy efficiency, so as a hotel manager, inefficient energy practices and high costs are something you seem stuck with. Alternative Utility Services (AUS) though can help you take back some control through a hotel room control system.

Hotel room control systems allow your hotel to centralize and even automate several guest room functions. Through the use of occupancy sensors you can keep tabs on when guests leave their rooms and for how long. Knowing this allows you to turn down thermostats, turn off lights and appliances, and close blinds in rooms that are unoccupied, reducing energy waste and saving your hotel money. These processes can usually be automated and your guests won’t even notice a difference.

AUS offers hotel room control systems with no investment required though our Hotel Room Controls: As a Service solution.