When it comes to energy, one of the best ways to control costs is through more efficient use. And for energy intensive operations, it’s hard to beat the efficiency provided through a cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) system. And we should know, Alternative Utility Services (AUS) started as a CHP contractor back in 1993.

So what makes CHP so efficient? The answer lies in CHP’s ability to burn one fuel source (natural gas) and get two energy outputs in return (electricity and heat). Facilities that have large heating requirements can use CHP to generate electricity from the heat they already use; reducing the amount of electricity purchased from their utility or supplier. And because it’s on-site, reductions in demand, delivery, and line-loss provide additional energy savings. Oh, and let’s not forget that by improving energy efficiency, your facility will be emitting less greenhouse gases, making cogeneration an asset to your sustainability goals.
Cogeneration Candidates: Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Multi-Family Buildings, Laundries, Nursing Homes, Health Clubs, Office Buildings

Getting CHP for your Facility

Alternative Utility Services offers flexible options to your facility to begin taking advantage of the benefits of CHP, including no investment, lease, and outright purchase.

Our no investment plan allows your facility to receive both the electricity and thermal energy from a CHP system with no upfront capital expenditure. You simply purchase the system’s generated electricity and thermal energy at a discount through a power purchase agreement (PPA) and we will take care of the installation and on-going maintenance costs. Facilities typically have the option to buy the system at the end of the PPA.
Through our lease option, your facility will lease the CHP equipment for 5 years and then have the option to purchase the system for a fraction of its value. Leasing provides your facility greater energy savings than the no investment plan but with greater capital costs.

Alternatively, your facility may wish to own and operate the CHP system outright. Purchasing the system can provide tax benefits and incentives directly to your facility and in some markets can have an ROI within 5 years.

Regardless of how you take advantage of CHP for your facility, AUS will be there to help you determine the size and type of system your facility requires, assess equipment providers and installers, and prepare for on-going operation and maintenance.