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Energy management systems (EMS) make use of sensors and computer technology toward optimizing a facility’s energy use.

An EMS can be relatively simple, involving a sensor that triggers preset settings for heating and cooling, lighting, or appliance operation, or they can be highly sophisticated.

More sophisticated EMS’s can actually learn business operations, calibrate actions based on multiple inputs, and communicate directly with utilities to identify optimal times to purchase energy. These EMS’s can also greatly improve the execution of demand response and capacity reduction.


Occupancy Sensors

When rooms in your building are not occupied, sensors can automatically adjust both lighting and temperature, helping you avoid paying for energy consumed by an emtpy room.


Peak Usage Monitoring

Nonessential equipment could be programmed to shut itself off when electricity prices peak, saving you thousands of dollars every year.


Central Management

Gain complete control over your entire building’s energy consumption from a single dashboard, helping you identify usage trends and consumption problems in real time.

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