Disclosure Notice – MC2 (non-space heat)

In order to assure transparency and consumer awareness in the residential energy market, the Illinois Commerce Commission (I.C.C.) in Part 454, Title 83 of the Administrative Code and Illinois General Assembly Public Act 096-1385 require licensed agents, brokers and consultants in the energy industry (ABCs) to disclose the following information to you, the consumer, before you sign a contract with an energy supplier.

  1. Alternative Utility Services, Inc. is not employed by ComEd, the utility operating in your applicable service territory.
  2. Alternative Utility Services, Inc. is paid a fee by the supplier of the plan you have selected based on your usage over the term of your contract.
  3. This compensation is paid from the supplier to Alternative Utility Services, Inc. and is incorporated into the price per kWh on your contract for the term and rate chosen.
  4. Based on your historical annual usage in kWh, the total anticipated cost paid to the supplier for the period of this contract is estimated at the rate and term chosen multiplied by your usage over the contracted period.