Company History

Who We Are

We first established Alternative Utility Services, Inc. (AUS) in 1993 – not as the energy consultant we are today – but as a vendor for commercial Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems; promoting and installing.

Since that time, we’ve learned so much – expanding into the fields of energy management, energy brokering and utility consulting, while working primarily in the deregulated natural gas and electric markets.

Along the way, we made certain AUS was a licensed professional, allowing us to establish professional relationships, yet still remaining neutral. It is that neutrality that keeps us honest; no offers pushed at clients due to hidden provider loyalty or relationships. The ability to review and negotiate terms and prices with all energy providers means you receive the best offer available in any given market.

Sustainable Efforts

Since 2012, we have expanded our resources to include alternative energy sources as part of your overall energy plan. Community solar co-ops, solar gardens and virtual solar power purchase agreements are just some of the unique ways AUS can help make solar affordable for both businesses and residential. Why do we care? Because it’s the right thing to do – both economically and environmentally.

Continued Growth

The Fall of 2013 marked a big step forward in size and scope with the acquisition of another energy procurement and consulting firm, Cost Containment International (C2).  This strategic move added to our customer base nationwide and helped grow the AUS Team, with top C2 consultants coming on-board.


The energy industry is constantly evolving, and so must we. Our memberships with the following trade organizations help to reinforce our knowledge, strengthen our expertise and keep us abreast of new developments within the industry.

AUS Staff Certifications

Licensing of alternative suppliers is required by the public utility commissions (PUCs) of all deregulated states. And in some states, the brokers and consultants that work with them are also required to be licensed. Alternative Utility Services complies with all PUC requirements and is in good standing in the states in which we operate.