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Proven indoor air purification solutions for residential and commercial applications

Everywhere you go,

yet always out of sight

It’s invisible.  It’s usually ignored.  And it can be very dangerous to your health.

The air inside your home and office can expose you to pollutants, pathogens, viruses and bacteria that can lead to disease, asthma, allergies, headaches and more.


Indoor air can be as much as 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.


Humans spend between 80–95% of their lives inside (in their homes or buildings)

350 cu. ft.

The average person inhales 350 cubic feet of polluted indoor air every day. 


Research has proven COVID can spread through the air in both homes and buildings.

Now Everyone Can Get Medical-Grade Clean Air for their Home and Office

We are now living in a COVID world.  It has impacted every facet of our lives:  How we work, shop, learn and live have all been altered in substantial – and likely permanent – ways. 

And the threat doesn’t just stop in public locations;  COVID can also be spread in the air inside your home.

That is why every home and building needs an air purification solution that breaks down viruses, bacteria, mold, VOCs and odors with a maintenance-free system that is both easy to use and highly affordable.



Protect your family from viruses, bacteria, mold and odors with our powerful whole house air purifiers.



Turnkey purification solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs and deliver occupant safety.

Completely Safe

Since the Plasma Clean Air solution is ozone-free, there are no harmful byproducts or discharges.

Totally Silent

Plasma Clean Air operates without any noise – you won’t even hear it as it safely scrubs your air.

More Effective

No other air purficiation system provides safer, cleaner indoor air than Plasma Clean Air.

Very Affordable

Plasma Clean Air is easily affordable for both resdiential and commercial applications.

Mother Nature’s Very Own Air Purifiers

Plasma Clean Air solutions are attached to your home or building’s central air conditioning system.

As air passes over the Plasma Clean Air device, millions of positively and negatively charged ions are formed – just like they do in nature.

Those bipolar ions scatter into your home or building through the ventilcation ducts , proactively attacking airborne contaminants such as particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, odors, and VOCs. automatically.

Removes Harmful Airborne Particles

The Plasma Clean Air solution significantly reduces airborne pollutants commonly found in homes and buildings, such as bacteria and viruses, mold spores, odors, chemicals from cleaning agents, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and more.

  • Bacteria and Virus Reduction 99.9% 99.9%
  • Virus Reduction 99.4% 99.4%
  • Odor Reduction 99.2% 99.2%
  • Total VOC Reduction 98.6% 98.6%

Rigorously tested. 

Proven results.

The Plasma Clean Air technology has been tested by several independent laboratories that have validated its effectiveness at particle reduction, virus kill rates, ozone avoidance, and VOC removal.

1) HEPA filters add significant pressure drop resulting in larger horsepower motors and increased fan energy. 2) Carbon has high first cost, additional space requirements in the air handling units and prohibitive media replacement costs. 3) At high levels, UV can create noxious gases and is mutagenic. Bacteria kill rates are negligible with no effectiveness in the occupied space. 4) PCO can produce formaldehyde. 5) Success Rate based on independent tests on airborne pathogens

Experience you can trust

The Plasma Clean Air team has been providing energy-efficiency and indoor air solutions across America since 1993.  Our unmatched knowledge, understanding and in-the-trenches experience gives you peace of mind that we know exactly how to get you the right solution every time.

Regardless of the size and complexity of your indoor air objectives, we strive to provide our customers with the best solutions, differentiated products and unmatched engineering services.  

You simply won’t find a better clean air provider anywhere.


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