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Ongoing Bill Audits Prove Integral During Provider Transition


After spending five years on contract with the same provider, a city decides to make the switch to a new provider that is better suited to serve their municipal accounts.

Unfamiliar with this new provider’s billing system and short on time and staff, the city asks Alternative Utility Services to keep an eye on the billing for any inaccuracies.


Alternative Utility Services obtains authorization from the client to receive copies of monthly invoices from the provider.  Each month, Alternative Utility Services reviews the invoices to guarantee contract compliance and to make sure the city is being billed at the correct rate.

In addition, Alternative Utility Services compares utility invoices against provider invoices to avoid redundancy in billing. Over a six month span of monthly invoice review, $685.04 in billing errors is uncovered, related to incorrect rates, wrong units of measurement and simple math errors.

Added Benefit

Alternative Utility Services also discovers $1,995.83 in erroneous charges related to improper application of taxes. In the process of alerting the provider, an error in their billing system was corrected; positively affecting many other customers.

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