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Condo Utilizes Own Facility to Generate Additional Revenue


A Chicago condo reaches out to Alternative Utility Services looking for additional opportunities to save money.

Already a client of Alternative Utility Services for gas and electric procurement, the condo is feeling the impact of rising energy prices and looks to their consultant for advice.


Alternative Utility Services reviews the condo’s historical usage and demand. This condo uses around 2 million kWh annually, with a capacity peak load contribution of 700 kW.  

Alternative Utility Services identifies an opportunity for possible participation in a demand response program and follows-up with questions about the facility, equipment and operations. 

Demand response programs pay buildings to reduce their energy consumption or demand if the electric grid is under duress. By agreeing to curtail load if needed, a building is paid a fee, whether actually called upon to participate or not.

Alternative Utility Services works with the condo to put together a reduction strategy tailored to their facility. Through a combination of precooling building and chilled water temperatures, turning off any refrigeration compressors, shutting blinds in south & west facing rooms, turning off lights and removing a bank of elevators from operation, the condo is able to commit to a reduction of 150 kW if an event is called.

150 kW is only 20% of the condo’s peak load. Should an event be called, the condo can engage in these small measures to lessen their demand on the grid, without the tenants taking notice. For this commitment, the condo is sent a check for $3,434.74, even though no events are called. 

Added Benefit

The Condo also opts to participate in Alternative Utility Services’ capacity management service, utilizing the demand response strategies already in place.

By reducing their capacity peak load contribution, the condo saves an additional $3,448.95 yearly on their electric bill.

As their consultant, Alternative Utility Services works with the condo to ensure the proper supply contract placement, product and term to take advantage of all the savings and revenue generated by the addition of these services.

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