AUS Sustainability Initiatives

In today’s world, companies need to do more than just think about sustainability. They need to actively practice and pursue “The Art of Green.” And when we, as a company, offer sustainable alternative energy options for our clients – we can’t just talk; we have to ‘walk the walk,’ and make it green.

Go Sustainable with AUS

And so the following list of sustainable initiatives is not just something we check off and mark as done. It is a constant conversation on how we act, what we do and how we can make it ‘greener’. So say tuned – there’s always something more we can do…

  • Uphold EPA Green Power Partner standing and support the development of wind and solar energy through the annual purchase of RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates); covering all expenses for AUS Sales and Operations.
  • Maintain as close to a paperless office environment as possible.
  • Run everything we use through our own “reduce, reuse, recycle” meter and encourage employees to think of the three R’s both at home as well as in the office
  • Practice Eco-Conscious Printing – all business cards and materials printed on recycled paper, and with soy ink whenever possible.
  • Include a “Green Option’ in all our product offerings.