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We have been delivering energy solutions longer than most other companies have been in existence.



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We first established Alternative Utility Services, Inc. in 1993 – not as the energy consultants we are today, but as a vendor & installer for commercial Combined Heat and Power systems.

Along the way, we became licensed energy professionals, allowing us to establish professional relationships, yet still remaining neutral as a low-price energy advocate for our clients.  And it is that neutrality which keeps us trustworthy:  No offers are ever pushed at our clients due to some kind of ‘hidden provider loyalty’ or relationships.

Today, we have become the go-to source for energy consultants, brokers, and contractors when they are seeking quality energy advice for their clients.

Energy efficiency is often either too confusing or outside the financial reach of many businesses, facilities and institutions.  By removing those barriers, we make it possible for them to finally achieve their financial goals.”

Fritz Kreiss - Founder and CEO

World-Class Talent

Meet the Team


Fritz Kreiss

Fritz is the founder of Alternative Utility Services and a Certified Energy Procurement Specialist with the Association of Energy Engineers. 

He is also Founder and Managing Member of Community Green Energy, a renewable energy project development and finance company providing alternative energy solutions to AUS clients nationwide.


Hans Hermann

Hans has been involved in energy and deregulation since 2002, specializing in energy management for local associations, management companies, municipalities, managed care facilities and businesses.

He is responsible for establishing new business relationships, servicing current affiliations and creating sustainable energy plans for our clients.


Michael Erickson

Mike brings more than 20 years in sales and marketing experience, with over a decade of work in finance and business development.

He is responsible for establishing new business, structuring renewable project financing, and sourcing longer-term corporate access to the capital markets for future renewable energy and energy efficiency business growth.


Catherine McQueen

As co-founder of Alternative Utility Services, Catherine has managed and provided support for independent agents and consultants in the field of natural gas and electricity brokering dating back to the company’s inception. 

Additionally, Catherine was also co-producer of Eco Fair 360 – an annual education event with 200 plus exhibitors and workshops on building sustainable futures and communities.


Jenna Buehre

Jenna has been in the energy industry since 2008. Her diverse background and education in organizational communication led Jenna to a position engaging her in almost every aspect of business operations, with responsibilities ranging from vendor management, rate/tariff reviews, broker licensing, contract evaluation to accounting and human resources.  

Her innate understanding of the industry make her an integral part of the team.


Mindy Bartelt

With a background in finance, customer service and quality control, Mindy serves as the Operations Manager for Alternative Utility Services.  Her responsibilities include directly overseeing support staff to ensure a comprehensive customer experience, while simultaneously maintaining vendor relationships and staying abreast of current market conditions.  

She is vital to ensuring day to day operations of the company run smoothly.


Kathie Bozzone


Larry Kauf


David Thurnau


Kelly McCahill


Aleksandra Koledova

Doing the Right Thing

Sustainability Efforts

Since 2012, we have included alternative energy sources as part of our overall energy solution offerings -community solar co-ops, solar gardens and virtual solar power purchase agreements are just some of the unique ways we can help make solar affordable for both businesses and residential customers.

But we also lead by example through our own internal sustainability efforts:

  • Run everything we use through our “reduce, reuse, recycle” meter and encourage employees to do the same at home
  • Maintain as close to a ‘paperless office’ as possible
  • Practice Eco-Conscious printing – all business cards and materials printed on recycled paper, and with soy ink whenever possible
  • Include a ‘green option’ in all our product offerings

Why do we care? Because it’s the right thing to do – both economically and environmentally.

Promoting Sustainability

ESG Standards

Alternative Utility Services is committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet, one that ensures social justice and equity. We believe in promoting environmental protection as well as sustainability by investing both internally through leadership roles or externally with reporting guidelines so we can maintain compliance within your business practices.

The idea of a carbon score for companies may be new, but it’s an important measure that will let investors know the environmental and financial risk involved with your investment. The SEC has already mandated GHG reduction in public filings while US Treasury Department is requiring all businesses to report their emissions levels through carbon tracking programs beginning this year – creating worldwide standards so you can rest assured knowing how sustainable (or risky) they are.

The use of energy-saving technologies can help companies to reduce their carbon emissions and improve the company’s score. It may also create opportunities for them if they are able sell these offsets in one or more Carbon Marketplaces!

We Go the Extra Mile

Our Hidden Advantage

It takes a very talented group of people to make our innovative energy solutions a reality.

Unlike other energy brokers, Alternative Utility Services has an entire expert Customer Relations team available to help with any questions or concerns you might have.


  • Creating annual budgets for those accounts contracted through Alternative Utility Services
  • Assistance with contract and/or billing concerns and updates
  • Clarifying contract terms and conditions
  • Providing an explanation of the pricing/contract process
  • Assisting in the notification of Providers and LDC’s
  • And so much more

Knowledge You Can Trust

Memberships and Certifications

The energy industry is constantly evolving, and so must we. Our memberships with the following trade organizations help to reinforce our knowledge, strengthen our expertise and keep us abreast of new developments within the industry.

Licensing of alternative suppliers is required by the public utility commissions (PUCs) of all deregulated states.  And in some states, the brokers and consultants that work with them are also required to be licensed.

Alternative Utility Services complies with all PUC requirements and is in good standing in all of the states in which we operate.

Nationwide Capability


Illinois Licensed as an electric ABC (Agent, Broker, and Consultant) under eDocket # 09-0574

Delaware Licensed as an electric supplier under commission order No. 8661 to broker electric supply service to commercial and industrial customers.

District of Columbia (D.C) Licensed aggregator/broker of electricity for residential, commercial, and industrial customers under order No. 17747

Maryland Licensed to supply electric generation services under license Ref # IR-2579, Licensed to provide natural gas supplier broker services #IR-3334

Maine Licensed to operate as a competitive electricity provider furnishing aggregator/broker services under Docket ID # 2011 – 312

Massachusetts Licensed as an electricity broker under number EB-250 and Gas Retail Agent under RA-132.

New Hampshire Licensed as an Electric and Natural Gas  Aggregator

New Jersey Licensed as an Energy Agent, Private Aggregator, and Consultant under Registration # EA – 0123, PA – 0094 and EC-0073

Ohio Licensed as a Competitive Retail Electric Service Provider and Natural Gas Aggregator/Broker under Certificate No. 11-387E (5) and 11-230G (2)

Pennsylvania Licensed as a supplier of natural gas services as a broker/marketer under docket number A-2013-2393189

Texas Registered as an Electricity Broker under registration no. BR190056

Commonwealth of Virginia Licensed Electricity and Natural Gas Aggregator under license No. A-64

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