Get Ready for the Change: New ComEd account numbers and EXTRA choice ID number
Jan 25, 2024

ComEd has announced the rollout of an advanced billing system slated for an early 2024 launch. This new system will feature a fresh account number along with an Electric Choice ID number for each customer. Here’s what you need to know to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The updated account number will be conveniently placed on the top right of your bill, making it easier for you to spot. They’re also revamping the business customer bills to mimic the format of residential energy bills, providing a more uniform and intuitive look.

For those customers who pay their bills through a bank or financial institution, remember to update your account number as soon as the new system is launched. This simple update will ensure a seamless transition to the new system.

As for the Electric Choice ID, it will be positioned on the second page of your bill, specifically in the service address box. What sets this number apart is its uniqueness to each household, premise, or business location. Though your account number will remain constant, the Electric Choice ID is subject to change based on location. This means that if you move, or even close and reopen your service with ComEd, your account number will remain the same.  Conversely, your Electric Choice ID will change every time you move or start new service.  This unique identifier ensures precise and effective communication with your Retail Electric Supplier and/or Community Solar Provider.

Stay informed and make sure you’re keeping an eye out for these changes when they roll out in early 2024.  By staying informed and prepared, we can help make the transition to this new billing system as seamless as possible.

We at AUS believe this addition of the Electric Choice ID specific for enrollment in programs with alternative electric and community solar suppliers to be a welcome security addition.  Adding another layer of account protection to prevent scamming or slamming is something that other utilities across the US have already instituted.  As your broker, AUS will work with suppliers on your behalf to ensure they have accurate information to enroll your account correctly, and to continue serving your account without disruption.

Contact AUS for more information on how Community Solar can save you additional money on your electric bills, while promoting local renewable energy in Illinois.

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