Alternative Utility Services Launches Benchmarking Services for Montgomery County, MD Buildings
Jan 18, 2024

AUS, a leading energy consulting firm, has announced the launch of their benchmarking services for buildings in Montgomery County, MD. This service will help affected buildings comply with the county’s benchmarking ordinance, which requires Group 5 buildings over 25,000 square feet to report their energy usage data.  June 1st, 2024 will be first deadline for group 5 buildings.

“We are excited to offer our benchmarking services to the next phase of 483 buildings affected by the Montgomery County ordinance,” said Jenna Buehre, Benchmarking Program Administrator of AUS. “Our team has extensive experience in energy benchmarking and verification, and we are committed to helping buildings in the county become more energy efficient.”

AUS is a Montgomery County benchmarking ambassador, having benchmarked over 400 buildings ranging from dealerships to multi-family housing. With their expertise and resources, AUS is well-equipped to assist buildings in Montgomery County with their benchmarking needs.

“Our benchmarking services not only help buildings comply with the county’s ordinance, but also provide valuable insights into their energy usage,” said Buehre. “By analyzing this data, we can identify areas for improvement and help buildings save on their energy costs with Zero Investment or Debt.”

In addition to benchmarking, AUS also offers verification services to help buildings further comply with the ordinance.  Verification is required by the county the first year and every third year thereafter.

With AUS’s benchmarking services, buildings in Montgomery County can stay ahead of the curve and make a positive impact on the environment. To learn more about AUS and their services, visit their website or contact them directly for a consultation.

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