Alternative Utility Services, Inc completes the sale of its 715kW Community Solar Garden in Illinois
Jan 16, 2024

Delavan, Wisconsin – Alternative Utility Services, Inc. ( ) has finalized the sale of its 715kW solar garden on the property and in partnership with the Environment Defenders of McHenry County.

AUS, as a licensed nationwide energy broker utilizes over 60 energy suppliers for competitive bidding to drive down prices for clients but also owns solar assets and develops and markets community solar gardens.  The 715kW will be active in 2024 and provide savings for low- and moderate-income residents providing a significant savings discount off ComEd’s charges.

Fritz Kreiss, AUS president commented” Community Solar Gardens are a huge growth stimulus since 75% of the populations can’t participate in solar on their roof because they rent, live in a high rise, their lot is shaded or the upfront cost. Community Solar democratizes access to solar so that everyone in a market can participate including low- and moderate-income families.”

“Community Solar in IL provides guaranteed savings for commercial and residential electric accounts, even if you are with an alternative supplier.”, said Jenna Buehre, Director of Corporate Affairs who also manages Community Solar Garden Sales.  “Solar Gardens are a great additional tool in many states across the country for customers and companies to support solar development and save money.”

The sale of the solar garden project was handled by Onsite Utility Services Capital ( ). Michael Erickson, VP of Business Development and Finance for Onsite added, “As a nationwide solar finance company and project developer, we look forward to partnering with more organizations and EPC contractors to grow this market.”


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