Jenna Buehre of Alternative Utility Services Becomes Certified New Jersey Energy Benchmarker
Sep 14, 2023

Alternative Utility Services (AUS) is proud to announce that Jenna Buehre, their Director of Corporate Affairs and Benchmarking Program Administrator, has become a New Jersey Certified Energy Benchmarker. The NJ Board of Public Utilities and the Clean Energy Learning Center established the NJ Certified Benchmarker program to create a pool of analysts knowledgeable about Portfolio Manager and the policies and rules of the Benchmarking Program. Building owners can engage a NJ Certified Benchmarker to meet their benchmarking obligations.

Jenna Buehre states, “I am excited to become a certified energy benchmarker so that I can help building owners comply with state regulations while also taking advantage of potential energy savings.”

The benchmarking program requires all covered buildings in New Jersey to report their energy use annually through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. The purpose of this program is to reduce energy consumption and resulting emissions from buildings throughout New Jersey.

As part of AUS’s commitment to helping clients reduce their energy consumption, Ms. Buehre will be providing benchmarking services for commercial buildings in accordance with this program. She will be able to review and analyze data from portfolio manager as well as provide guidance on how building owners can improve their scores and take advantage of potential cost-savings measures.

Ms. Buehre adds, “My goal is to help building owners make informed decisions about their energy use so they can save money while also being more sustainable.”

AUS president Fritz Kreiss notes, “We are thrilled that Jenna has achieved this certification which further demonstrates her commitment to delivering excellence in service for our clients.”

As a certified energy benchmarker, Ms. Buehre will be able to provide valuable insights into the performance of commercial buildings in New Jersey and guide them towards becoming more efficient and reducing their environmental impact.

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