Alternative Utility Services Approved for Electric Aggregation License in New Hampshire
Aug 8, 2023

Alternative Utility Services (AUS) has been approved for a two-year electric aggregation services license in the State of New Hampshire, as of 7/27/2023. The registration application, REG 2023-063, was approved by the Public Utilities Commission and marks another important milestone for AUS.

AUS already had a presence in New Hampshire as they had registered as a natural gas aggregator in 2017. With this new license, AUS will be able to offer their services for both natural gas and electricity. This will provide customers with more options when it comes to choosing an energy provider.

“We are thrilled to have been approved for this license and are excited to bring our services to New Hampshire customers,” said AUS president Fritz Kreiss. “At AUS we strive to provide our customers with access to reliable energy and competitive prices through our electric aggregation, brokerage and consulting services.”

AUS plans to leverage its expertise in energy aggregation services to help customers save money by providing them access to competitive rates from various suppliers. The company also intends on staying ahead of regulatory changes that might affect customers or their bills.

AUS offers electricity, natural gas, renewable energy credits, and other related services for residential and commercial customers throughout the United States. They aim to provide customers with reliable energy solutions while keeping costs low. Their innovative approach combines advanced technology with personalized customer service.

By becoming a licensed provider of electric aggregation services in New Hampshire, AUS will now be able to provide more comprehensive services to its customer base in this state.

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