Load Management Energy Procurement Reduces Electricity Costs by Shifting Peak to Off Peak
Jul 25, 2023

Delavan, Wisconsin – Alternative Utility Services, Inc. (AUS) launches a new energy solution that reduces usage during peak energy times to off peak times to improve the load profile for better pricing.

Alternative Utility Services, Inc. (ausenergy.com) launches a 2-step energy procurement approach that first looks at reducing energy usage during higher priced electric and gas times through energy efficiency measures and technologies. The energy efficient measures are installed with no investment or debt for the client through the Decarbonization Infrastructure Investment Fund. The Investment Fund simply charges a monthly service fee that is less than the current energy usage and maintenance the client is spending. The energy efficiency improvements reduce the electric and gas load but also improve the load profile to improve electric and gas pricing for facilities.

AUS, as a licensed nationwide energy broker utilizes over 60 energy suppliers for competitive bidding to drive down prices for clients but through the Load Management Reduction Program, working with AUS can reduce your energy consumption, carbon reduction and your cost for energy commodity with Zero Investment or Zero Debt.

Buildings with chillers and air handler and heat with hot water can reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs with no investment through the Decarbonization Infrastructure Investment Fund.

“If your energy broker isn’t helping you reduce your energy consumption and improve your load profile, then you have the wrong broker.”, said Jenna Buehre, Director of Corporate Affairs.  “Partnering with the Infrastructure fund allows AUS to remove the CapEx barrier for our clients to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their energy costs.”

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