Alternative Utility Services Launches Nationwide Waste and Recycling Consulting Program
Aug 23, 2021


DELAVAN, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2021 / — Companies that are looking to improve their cash flow are celebrating the new Alternative Utility Services, Inc. (AUS Energy) nationwide Waste and Recycling Consulting Program.

Most businesses produce a sizeable amount of trash and recyclables every day, then use a local waste hauler to remove the accumulated trash on a set schedule. Typically, that is a process very few businesses give much thought to – as long as the waste is removed regularly, the business pays whatever the waste hauler quoted for their service.

But waste haulers are in business to make a profit, and therefore rarely recommend more efficient or cost-effective trash removal options to their customers. And while many business owners believe their waste disposal cost is basically a ‘fixed utility’, nothing could be further from the truth.

Through their new innovative Waste and Recycling Consulting Program, the experts at AUS Energy can help businesses, facilities, and institutions anywhere in America reduce their waste and recycling bills in ways they likely never thought were possible.

“Few companies ever look at their trash or recycling as a factor for potential savings,” says Fritz Kreiss, CEO of AUS Energy. “More companies are starting to figure out there are choices for waste disposal, and that they can in fact pay less while keeping their company environmentally friendly. But sorting through their waste and recycling bills to identify those potential savings opportunities is just not something they have either the time or capability of doing themselves; our Waste and Recycling Consulting Program helps them successfully accomplish those objectives easily.”

AUS Energy has made the process simple:  First, they review the client’s current trash and recycling contracts and billing statements, and then determine the fair market rate for the services they use. AUS Energy then negotiates with the client’s trash hauler to either honor that rate or to help the client find a new hauler who will. Then, AUS Energy’s proprietary waste management software monitors the client’s waste bills 24/7 to ensure their waste hauler is honoring their new lower rate.

Additionally, there are preventative maintenance services available with no-up front contract, as well as dumpster monitoring programs that track waste pickup frequency as well as if anyone is improperly using the client’s dumpster for their own use.

“Whether they are a factory owner looking for innovative waste management solutions or a restaurant chain focused on waste reduction, our waste management consulting program can help them reduce costs, improve efficiency, and boost their bottom line,” says Kreiss.

Building and property owners interested in a free consultation can contact AUS Energy at 800-392-4287, email at, or by visiting

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