Alternative Utility Services Delivers New Expert Energy Benchmarking and Analysis Services Nationwide
Jun 21, 2021

DELAVAN, WISCONSIN – Alternative Utility Services, Inc. announces new expert Energy Benchmarking and Analysis Services to companies, buildings, facilities and institutions across America.

As energy efficiency continues to rapidly become a priority for cities and local governments, the demand for qualified and talented Energy Benchmarking services has grown exponentially.

This new highly-anticipated program now delivers the Energy Benchmarking and analysis services that buildings, facilities, and institutions nationwide have been searching for.

“Our expert Energy Benchmarking program is a testament to our long history of helping companies and institutions achieve success in saving energy, reducing costs and improving building performance,” says Jenna Buehre, Director of Corporate Affairs. “We can now deliver this service anywhere in the country, at a cost businesses can afford.”

Energy Benchmarking delivers measurable benefits in three ways: First, it analyzes ways a building or facility can cut expenditures. By collecting building energy-use data, a performance baseline is set that shows how a building compares to other similar buildings, the magnitude of the energy savings that the building could potentially achieve, and whether or not any energy efficiency improvements are having the effect anticipated.

Second, by reporting benchmarking data with city or state administrators, those policymakers can use the data to analyze whether energy-efficiency programs are achieving their intended results. Plus, the data helps direct resources to those efforts more effectively, while giving a better understanding of a region’s overall energy consumption trends to help plan future
infrastructure efforts.

Lastly, Energy Benchmarking delivers transparency about energy and water consumption, costs and efficiency solutions – and, opens up a conversation among all stakeholders within a company or institution that guides everyone to work toward a common energy goal through
recognizing and rewarding energy efficiency.

This fosters not only energy-focused initiatives but cultivates lasting positive financial improvements.

And, through AUS Energy’s Energy Savings as a Service program, these buildings and institutions can undergo a complete energy efficiency upgrade with zero capex and zero debt.

The entire cost of the upgrade project is fronted by AUS Energy, with the client paying for the upgrade costs only from the savings the upgrade generates. Most importantly, ESaaS is not a loan, so it isn’t carried as a debt on the client’s balance sheet.

“With the rapidly changing competitive landscape for effective ways to boost revenues, our expert Energy Benchmarking program coupled with Energy Savings as a Service easily creates one of the most exciting profit-building solutions to come along for companies and institutions in a very, very long time,” says Fritz Kreiss, CEO and Founder of AUS Energy.  “Our team has built the country’s most advanced energy efficiency solution suite, and now it’s available in every city in America.”

Those seeking more information about the Energy Benchmarking program can contact AUS Energy at

About Alternative Utility Services, Inc.
Since 1993, Alternative Utility Services, Inc., a nationwide energy management company has been dedicated to unlocking savings through competitive energy procurement and management along with energy efficiency upgrades with Zero Capital and Zero Debt through our Energy Savings-as-a-Service funding platform. They can be reached at

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