Demand Response Changes in PJM

The good news is that demand response programs are still available in PJM and are a great way to generate additional revenue through targeted reductions in demand.  The bad news is that starting in June 2018, participating in demand response just got a little harder.

Starting with the 2018/2019 plan year, PJM will no longer offer the Limited, Extended Summer, and Annual demand response programs.  Our clients presently enrolled in demand response in PJM are part of the Limited product, which currently has the following requirements:

  • Period is June through September (Weekdays and non-holidays)
  • Maximum number of 10 interruptions
  • Response period of 12PM – 8PM
  • Maximum interruption duration of 6 hours

PJM will replace the existing 3 products with Base Capacity and Capacity Performance programs.  The Base Capacity product most closely resembles the current Limited product that most of our clients are on, with the following changes:

  • Period is June through September (any day)
  • Unlimited interruptions
  • Response period of 10AM – 10PM
  • Maximum interruption duration of 10 hours

The Capacity Performance product is year-round with no limit to the maximum interruption duration.

To our current clients

Our providers plan on offering both programs in the 18/19 delivery year. Each customer’s abilities and limitations will be evaluated in determining which program they go into. The decision will be mutually agreed upon and an addendum will be put in place reflecting the program chosen.