AUSenergy News Update 04/28/2015
Apr 28, 2015

In today’s AUSenergy News Update: FERC delays capacity auction, Chicago goes back to ComEd and this winter, energy efficiencies saved the Northeast $1.5B in energy costs.

FERC Delays PJM Base Residual Capacity Auction

Summary: FERC granted PJM a waiver to delay its base residual capacity auction for the 2018-19 delivery year. The auction, which by tariff shall be held in May 2015, under the waiver will now be held 30-75 days after the Commission issues an order on PJM’s Capacity Performance proposal, but no later than the week of August 10-14, 2015.

AUS Comment: As a member of PJM, it is our responsibility to inform our clients of this delay in the capacity auction for the 2018-10 delivery year. This obviously will affect pricing, as the future of the capacity market remains unknown at this time.

Chicago sending city households back to ComEd

Summary: Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration has concluded that it won’t be able to save households money on their electric bills and will send all customers participating in the city’s contract with Constellation back to Commonwealth Edison this fall.

AUS Comment: When Chicago first contemplated working with a 3rd party supplier to purchase electricity on behalf of its residents, ComEd prices were substantially above market – so it made sense. But over the course of time, ComEd’s energy prices came down and residents were actually paying more for energy than before. With this change, customers will automatically be reverted back to ComEd, but still have the option to purchase 3rd party power on their own and not at the discretion of their local government. And for residential electric space heated buildings, AUS offers a private aggregation program that beats ComEd’s pricing by almost 19%. If you have an electric space heated property, contact AUS for additional savings.

Efficiency saved Northeast $1.5B in winter energy costs

Summary: The Acadia Center report shows that, due to existing investment in energy efficiency programs, Northeastern customers saved approximately $1.5 billion in the winter of 2014.

AUS Comment: Savings on both demand and usage through energy efficiency seems like a no-brainer. And in times when weather and market forces work together to raise electric prices, energy efficiency becomes a strong determinant in keeping costs down. AUS offers a range of energy solutions, including energy efficiency projects that will meet your needs.

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