NYMEX Closes for March at $.2579/therm
Feb 10, 2015

Not since the ‘winter that never was’ ( 2012), when gas prices settled at $.2447therm for March, have we seen gas prices this low.

Of course, this being just February, there is still plenty of winter to go around, and those pesky pipeline charges up the East Coast have been out of control. Sure, the raw cost of gas on the NYMEX is only $.2579 but when you add in the Pipe costs, they quickly rise to over $.50/therm in many areas.

Any cold snap and spot prices surge to over $1.00/therm. With that being said, spring may give rise to some exciting long-term opportunities.

So – with gas prices this low, anyone can do this, right?
Why do you need an energy broker? Because unless you know the Pipeline adders (the + side of the NYMEX or Index) and what you should be paying vs. what is offered, chances are you will make a BIG mistake. Sure you can go to any supplier and they will be happy to ‘Sell’ you a price, but after that you are on your own.

• Are you planning to watch the market and decide when is a good time to lock in a rate?
• Do you know what is a good rate for you?
• How will you know?

Managing your energy account requires continually overseeing and being aware of the marketplace. As your energy broker, we answer those questions for you, because we’re in the market every day, managing your gas, maximizing your savings and minimizing your risk.

Contributor, Larry Kauf, is a Senior Analyst and multi-location Account Specialist with Alternative Utility Services, Inc; providing a wide range of professional procurement and consulting services including electric, gas, residential, reverse auction, demand response, auditing

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