AUSenergy News Update 02/04/2015
Feb 4, 2015

In today’s AUSenergy News Update: Con Edison offers summer commercial DR program, How curtailing energy could cost Texans more,  NY Gov. Cuomo orders review of NYISO.

Con Edison offers summer DR program to commercial customers

Summary:   Commercial building managers who want to sign up for Con Edison’s summer demand response program have until April 1 to begin participating in May, and until May 1 for a June start.

AUS Comment:   The Con Edison demand response program is unique in that it allows for two different program start dates, with the ability to participate in multiple programs at the same time – giving buildings ample opportunity to participate and achieve the most revenue from their commitment.  Buildings participating in last year’s program experienced a more than 60% increase in revenue from 2013.  Interested in finding out if Demand Response is right for you? Contact AUS to help.

A penalty for consumers who conserve energy a little too well?

Summary:   Some Texas utility customers have been surprised to find they are charged a fee for using less than a specified amount of electricity, even while the utilities serving them promote energy conservation and efficiency. Utilities are using these fees to pay for fixed costs that occur regardless of whether customers use a lot of electricity or very little.

AUS Comment:   In a world where we are struggling to learn to consume less rather than more, it seems rather counter-productive to penalize those who manage to successfully curtail their energy use.  Utilities need to look at how to better manage their fixed costs without negatively impacting customers who use less than the arbitrary minimum established.

NY Gov. Cuomo orders review of NYISO

Summary:   New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called for a review of the state’s energy market, noting that it was not designed for and does not properly value clean energy and distributed resources. “The PSC will review NYISO’s current governance structure and markets, and make recommendations for governance and market design changes that will better represent consumer interests and facilitate the advancement of the ongoing clean energy policies.”

AUS Comment:   AUS applauds Governor Cuomo for taking the lead in looking at the lack of clean, distributed energy resources, including demand response, as is currently reflected in the energy market. By taking this action, Gov. Cuomo is pursuing clean energy as a means to lowering the average NY electricity bill – currently the highest in the nation.

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