Death, Taxes and Rising Energy Costs
Aug 5, 2014

Reduce energy costs by benchmarking.

Everyone is constantly on the lookout to find better and easier ways to reduce their energy costs. The most effective approach is to first look at exactly how you use energy. And that begins with benchmarking.

What is energy benchmarking?

Energy Benchmarking is a lot like preparing a building for its very own weight-loss program; but instead of shedding pounds, the goal is to reduce a building’s energy consumption. It begins with the tracking and monitoring of a building’s energy usage data over a period of time. By reviewing energy consumption patterns and comparing that data against either similar buildings or their building’s own past performance data, building owners and managers gain a greater understanding of their facility’s energy consumption; helping to determine a better way to manage and reduce their energy use.

Reduce energy costs by benchmarking with AUS

Does benchmarking work?

Several U.S. cities are already requiring certain buildings to track, monitor and disclose their energy use data. Regardless of whether your building is required to benchmark or not, it’s clear that doing so will help you determine what areas of your building need improvement to help reduce your energy costs.

An EPA analysis of buildings that regularly benchmarked their energy found that they saved an average of 2.4% in energy use, with an average 7% savings over three years. Further research indicates that 70% of benchmarked buildings voluntarily reduce their energy consumption.

Why you need help with benchmarking.

Benchmarking takes a lot of time and knowhow – time that most building owners and managers don’t have to spend. Depending on your building, it could be a very complicated and time-consuming procedure.

A licensed energy consultant understands the benchmarking process and will collect and analyze your building’s data. They’ll handle all of the necessary paperwork, making absolutely sure that the building’s reports are completed accurately, and submitted in time to avoid any penalties for non-compliance.

Alternative Utility Services (AUS) provides energy benchmarking services at no cost to all contracted commercial energy clients. With a host of supplemental services, AUS offers clients multiple ways to improve their energy management and efficiencies.

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