AUSenergy News Update 03/11/2014
Mar 11, 2014

In today’s AUSenergy News Update: New Integrys deal raises Chicago residential electric bills up to 18% in June, Orland Park electric aggregation rates could jump by 33% in June, and Vernon Hills and six other towns select new power provider.

New Integrys deal raises Chicago residential electric bills up to 18% in June

Summary: Chicago has entered into a renewal electricity aggregation deal with Integrys Energy Services through May 2015. The City expects to save the average Chicago household $34 on their electricity bill over the year, for a total citywide savings of $24 million. As before, Integrys has promised to match or beat the utility rate. The new contract will not include power from coal-fired sources and 5% of the power will come from Illinois wind farms.
AUS Comment: Consumers can opt out of of the aggregation program at any time with no termination fee. Residents who choose to do so can return to ComEd, shop for another supplier, or find a non-government private aggregation program.

Orland Park electric aggregation rates could jump by 33% in June

Summary: Village trustees voted to award the contract for Orland Park’s fixed rate electricity program to FirstEnergy. Village residents could see their rates for the program rise by as much as 33%. However, ComEd is also expected to increase rates. The village believes the agreement will still be less than what it would be paying if it stayed with ComEd. Trustees discussed using renewable energy, but chose the cheapest option among the five companies that bid for the village’s business. Trustee, Jim Dodge noted that Orland Park purchased credits to offset energy use rather than using cleaner energy sources, which would have resulted in a higher rate.
AUS Comment: Orland Park is looking to end its agreement with Nordic Energy a month early. Participants in the village’s electric program will pay 6.46 cents per kWh for the next three years, beginning May 1. The village expects that the ComEd rate will be approximately 7 cents per kWh in May.

Vernon Hills and six other towns select new power provider

Summary: Vernon Hills and a consortium of towns including Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire, Long Grove, Palatine and Wheeling have signed a three year pact with Constellation Energy Resources LLC, replacing Integrys Energy Group as the initial two year electric aggregation program winds down. Vernon Hills has opted to purchase 100 percent green power.
AUS Comment: Although there will still likely be a savings over the ComEd rate, the savings won’t be as great as it has been during the last couple of years. Residents have the ability to opt out of the aggregation program at any time during the agreement period. There is no termination fee.

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