AUS Team Grows Again
Jan 22, 2014

Kathie Bozzone has been a voice in the energy business for more than 12 years, and is bringing her knowledge and command of the industry to Alternative Utility Services as Senior Energy Procurement Specialist.

With a reputation for generating the best energy solutions for her customers, Kathie’s client list is long, and the time they’ve been together – even longer. Her concern for the people and businesses she works with shows in everything she does; working hard to save them time, energy and cost.

Based out of California, Kathie’s clientele spans the country. Her nationwide presence has attributed to her vast knowledge and experience with many different utilities, providers, products and solutions.  Because of this, Kathie knows how procurement strategies vastly differ depending on location, size, and business needs.  This background has shaped Kathie into an authority on multi-location properties, allowing management companies and chains alike to utilize her as a one-stop-shop for all their energy sourcing needs.

Kathie has taken a special interest in the hospitality industry, with hotels, water parks and resorts as her main focus. She brings an inherent understanding of the needs and individuality intrinsic to this industry.

Energy procurement is but one piece of the puzzle. And finding the right combination of all the pieces to fit each property’s needs – that’s the game and that’s what I love to do. - Kathy Bozzone

“No two properties are alike.  What’s right for one isn’t necessarily the best choice for another,” said Kathie Bozzone. “I pride myself on looking at the big picture; finding all the pieces to the puzzle in order to complete the perfect energy plan for each operation. After all, energy procurement is but one piece of the puzzle. And finding the right combination of all the pieces to fit each property’s needs – that’s the game and that’s what I love to do.”

With the additional support of AUS’ back office staff, Kathie is able to provide her clients the same personal care and service, along with a host of added options for energy savings; energy efficiency projects, lighting retrofits, demand response and all the way up the scale to alternative energy.

President of Alternative Utility Services, Fritz Kreiss says, “I consider getting Kathie to work for AUS a real coup – not only for AUS but for all our customers.  For Kathie is that professional consultant who will not rest until she tracks down every necessary piece of information, analyzes the data and finds the best energy solution. And that’s someone we want on our team.”

Welcome, Kathie Bozzone!

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