AUSenergy News Update 11/15/2013
Nov 15, 2013

In today’s AUSenergy News Update: ComEd won’t be able to meet a state mandate for reducing electric demand, coal declines while renewables increase, Texas introduces new rebates for electric vehicle buyers, and Arizona’s Apple manufacturing plant will be powered entirely by renewables.

ComEd Unable to Meet State Energy Efficiency Mandate

Summary: ComEd has announced that it will not be able to meet a state mandate for reducing electricity demand through energy efficiency by 2016.  The Illinois Power Agency (IPA) would like to assume some responsibility from ComEd to better reach the mandated reductions, but ComEd doesn’t want to lose control over this.
AUS Comment: It is possible to lower costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy demand by means of increased energy efficiency.

Renewables Increase While Coal Declines

Summary: Generation sources like natural gas and non-hydro renewables are steadily growing in most of the country, while coal, still the largest single source for electricity, is slowly declining.
AUS Comment: The mix of fuels used to generate electricity will have an impact on pricing. As more of the share comes from natural gas, movement and volatility in the natural gas market will be reflected in electric pricing.

Texas Electric Vehicle Rebates

Summary: New rebates, available in April 2014, combined with federal incentives could save buyers of electric vehicles up to $10,000. Rebates will be funded by vehicle registration fees.
AUS Comment: This new opportunity in Texas promotes the sale and use of electric and natural gas vehicles, a difficult decision for some consumers due to the premium involved in a cleaner-fuel vehicle purchase.

Arizona Apple Powered by 100% Renewables

Summary: The new Apple manufacturing plant in Arizona will be powered entirely by renewable energy. The project is expected to provide 1,300 construction and associated jobs. Upon completion, there could be 700 new manufacturing jobs within the first year.
AUS Comment: This is another example of how locally-sourced renewable energy can create jobs and recirculate money back into the local economy.

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