Private Electric Aggregation Program
May 18, 2012

Lake Hinsdale Village Home Owners Association launches a private opt-in electric aggregation program for their members.

When the Home Owners Association realized that the city of Hinsdale was not going to move forward with a Municipal Energy Aggregation program, the board and property manager turned to their energy consultants, Alternative Utility Services, Inc (AUS). AUS’s role was to develop and roll out an opt-in residential aggregation program that would deliver savings to the 375 home owners in the development of Lake Hinsdale Village.

Developing Residential Aggregation Program

AUS went to work, assembling the RFP information of the association’s electric loads. They then delivered a discounted electric savings program of 33% off the local electric utility’s rate. And in addition, they provided residents with an easy online sign-up, paper copy options, multiple terms and a negotiated option to leave at any time without penalty.By aggregating the entire load of all 375 homes, AUS was able to deliver pricing that beat individual offers from other providers.

“Instead of electric suppliers looking at 375 individual homes at 10,000 kWh each, our aggregated load of 3,782,000 kWh brought in competitive pricing that greatly benefited the home owners,” said Fritz Kreiss, president of AUS. “Though this is not a huge load, we were able to bring to bid several other clients’ private aggregation programs at the same time, gaining additional competitive leverage with the suppliers.”


Because electricity is such a complicated commodity for consumers to understand, AUS partnered with local consulting group, Cost Containment International, LLC   to help execute the plan locally, including group presentations and Q&A meetings.

Added Benefits

Now with prices starting to rise, those customers who signed longer term agreements are finding their savings increased when compared to the current market conditions.

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